Breakfast Changes Coming in February

If your child eats breakfast at school, starting on Monday, February 2, students will need to choose, at minimum, a ½ cup of fruit for breakfast. Food Service is implementing at all grade levels across the District the USDA breakfast regulation that requires 1 cup of fruit must be offered at breakfast.

Breakfast offerings will generally consist of 2 grain items, 2 choices of fruit, milk, and occasionally a meat/meat alternate in place of 1 grain item. Larger grain items (example: breakfast bread or muffins) sometimes count as 2 grain items.

At breakfast, students will need to take at least 3 items, with one of those being at least ½ cup of fruit, in order for breakfast to be reimbursable.

Starting out, Food Service will offer applesauce everyday with the other choices throughout the month being items such as a banana, canned mixed fruit, canned peaches, canned pears, apple slices, orange wedges, orange juice and apple juice.

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