Congratulations 2016 Teachers of Distinction

2016 Teachers of DistinctionCongratulations to the Green Bay Area Public School District teachers who have been selected as 2016 Teachers of Distinction in the first round of the Golden Apple Awards! They were chosen because of their commitment to students, their active involvement of students in learning opportunities, and their creation of learning environments that stimulate student interest in learning as described in their applications. We are so proud!




  • Kevin Butters: East High School
  • Kevin Flogel: Webster Elementary School
  • Megan Frazier: Lincoln Elementary
  • Mary Hurst: Baird Elementary
  • Katie Johnston: Wilder Elementary
  • Jessica Keller: Sullivan Elementary
  • Jill King: Tank Elementary
  • Amy Kline: Red Smith
  • Kay Knapp: MacArthur Elementary
  • Marie Kubichek: Edison Middle
  • Erin LeGrave: Jackson Elementary
  • Lori McArthur: Nicolet Elementary
  • Katie Motl: Chappell Elementary
  • Brandon Rockstroh: Southwest High
  • Lombardi Middle School Phy Ed Team: Mark Daane, Aaron Schaefer, Riley Woldt, Tony Seidel
  1. Go Mr. Brandon Rockstroh/
    Southwest High School Music Dept., I hope and pray you go all the way…Great musical last Friday nite and you do a tremendous job with all those young adults…I’ll be praying or you..

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