Green Bay High Schools Qualify for the Academic Decathlon State Competition

All of the following students from East, Southwest and Preble High School qualified in the State Competition. Results from the regional competition are as follows.

Green Bay Southwest: Southwest placed fifth overall at the regional competition with a total of 32802.7 points.

  • Syon Verma: 2nd place in mathematics and art, and 3rd place in speech. Syon was the overall winner in the scholastic division of the competition with 1st place in economics, literature and social science.
  • Robert Guesnon: 1st place in speech and mathematics
  • Bryce Zacharias: 3rd place in interview
  • Jacob Massey: 3rd place in science
  • Erin Liang: 3rd place in music
  • Hunter Engels
  • Regan Allen
  • Grace Neudek
  • Lars Osell

Green Bay Preble: Preble scored a total of 33242.7 total points and placed second at the regional competition. Spencer Guo’s overall score set a Preble school record for highest point total at a regional competition.

  • Spencer Guo: 1st place in mathematics and 2nd place in art, economics, and science. Spencer placed 2nd overall in the honors division of the competition.
  • Nathan Cadieux: 1st place in music, 2nd place in essay, and 3rd place in mathematics
  • Riley Burger: 2nd place in speech
  • Dia Yang: 2nd place in interview
  • Roberto Agredano: 2nd place in social studies
  • Zach Nooyen: 3rd place in science
  • Ben Christl
  • Mayra Navarro

Green Bay East: East placed third at the regional competition with a total of 33216.1 total points.

  • Manali Oleksy: 1st place in interview, 2nd place in speech, and 3rd place in economics. Manali placed 3rd overall in the varsity division.
  • Caleb Hawpetoss: 3rd place in art and economics. Caleb placed 3rd overall in the scholars category
  • Luke Kiernan: 2nd place in literature and 3rd place in art and mathematics
  • Eliza Kruszynski: 2nd place in essay
  • Louis Jelinsky: 2nd place in mathematics and 3rd place in literature, science and economics
  • Erin Seablom: 3rd place in music
  • Sackett Brehmer
  • Logan Gibson
  • Daniel Benitez
  • Samantha Adler
  • Connor DeGrave
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