Green Bay High School Students Qualify for FBLA State Competition

On Saturday, February 7, students from the four Green Bay Area Public School District high schools competed in the 2015 Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Region III Championship hosted in Two Rivers, WI. FBLA is an education association that helps a quarter-million students prepare for careers in business and business-related fields. Students competed against over 900 students throughout Northeast Wisconsin in business and marketing related events. Participants that placed in the top three in their events qualified for the State competition in La Crosse in April. The results are as follows:

East High School

State qualifiers:
• Carissa Langenhuizen and Megan Morris – 1st place in Web Design
• Kaitlyn Holzer – 1st place in Business Communications
• Jacob Thomas – 1st place in Computer Applications
• Nathan Kohls – 2nd place in Cyber Security
• Rachel Woulf – 3rd place in Personal Finance
• Carrigan Kneiss – 3rd place in Spreadsheet Applications
• Calvin Kanzenbach – 3rd place in Public Speaking II

The following students finished in the top 10 for their event:
• Shine Lee, Jordyn Plinske and Lisa Heverly – 4th place in E-business
• John Mendoza – 5th place in Computer Problem Solving
• Emilie DeMaio – 6th place in Client Service
• Ian Holzer – 6th place in Introduction to Information Technology
• Nathaniel Larkin – 7th place Cyber Security
• Isaiah Kaiver – 8th place in Business Law
• Brandon Mikulsky – 8th place in Business Calculations
Preble High School: The Preble FBLA chapter placed second overall for Outstanding Regional Chapter at the conference competition.

State qualifiers:
• Adriana Magana and Emely Matus – 1st place in Business Plan
• Haley Siegworth and Paige Wimberly – 1st place in Desktop Publishing
• Sheridan Michaud, Sydney Onesti and Sofia Schabel – 1st place in Global Business
• Kelsey Guzman and Trevor Loving – 1st place in Entrepreneurship
• Morgan Jindra, Madeline Neumeier, Heidi Overeem, Brooklyn Robertson and Brooke Wimberly – 1st place in Parliamentary Procedure
• Randy Bialcik, Ethan Vanden Plas and Riley Vanden Plas – 1st place in Public Service Announcement
• Andrew Vincent – 3rd place in Business Calculations
• Elizabeth Keiler – 3rd place in Client Service
• Sara Sendelbach – 3rd place in Word Processing

The following students finished in the top 10 for their event:
• Tony Tran – 4th place in Accounting
• Alejandra Mendoza, Yolanda Ramirez-Sanchez and Jaenette Sandoval – 4th place in Business Ethics
• Trent Vandenhouten – 4th place in Sales Presentation
• Lokhin Cheng and Avie Vang – 5th place in Web Site Design
• Matt Kugel – 6th place in Agribusiness
• Courtney Gersek – 6th place in Job Interview
• Abbie Brienen and Brianna Gaulke – 7th place in Business Presentation
• Haley Hedsand – 8th place in Public Speaking II

Southwest High School

State qualifiers:
• Devin Vincent – 1st place in Cyber Security
• Jacob Gussert, Samuel Holland and Cody Josephs – 2nd place in Banking and Financial Systems
• Andrew Stieber – 2nd place in Impromptu Speaking
• Cassie Pribyl – 3rd place in Accounting I

The following students finished in the top 10 for their event:
• Ally Gerczak and Natalie Gerczak – 4th place in Hospitality Management
• Jaclyn Gill – 5th place in Public Service Announcement
• Grace Neudek – 6th place Public Speaking I

West High School

State qualifiers:
• Peter Griggs – 3rd place in Business Procedures

The following students finished in the top 10 for their event:
• Dominic Shonk and Ben Pasterski – 4th place in Web Design
• Jared Delveaux – 4th place in FBLA Principles and Procedures
• Haley Wotruba – 6th place FBLA Principles and Procedures
• Leo Cortright, Tyler Gonion and Dalton Kohlbeck – 6th place in Public Service Announcement
• Jared Baeten and Logan Healy – 7th place in Marketing
• Lily Yang – 8th place in Digital Design and Promotion
• Hazel Cooper – 8th place in Personal Finance

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