Restoration Update

The boys’ locker room passed building department, fire department and industrial hygienist inspections. It was approved for the students and coaches to begin occupancy this morning. Coaches and students will be accessing the locker room from outside. Portable air conditioners have been installed and the room is sealed from air flow from the rest of Preble. 



Section A of the building, which had the least smoke damage will be finished today as far as the initial cleaning of rooms.



IMG_1018 IMG_1020 IMG_1024 IMG_1036 IMG_1037 IMG_1038

Storage pods are onsite to store athletic and band equipment. Air conditioning units will be used to keep the equipment from getting damaged by humidity.

Textbooks for registration have been cleaned, deodorized and and loaded on a semi-trailer to be taken to the future site of student registration. Pictured below are the books being cleaned and waiting to be boxed.







Teachers having been inventorying classrooms and offices. The expectation is that the entire staff will have completed that work by Sunday.

The media toured Preble today to get video and photos of both the damage and the restoration work.




Work in section C, which is closest to the gym, continues with ceiling grids being removed and the cleaning in the upper ceiling beginning, as well as other cleaning efforts.



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