Job Center Building to be Named After Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill

On July 21, the Green Bay Area Public School District Board of Education approved that the former Job Center Building located at 325 N. Roosevelt in Green Bay will be named the Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill School.

The school’s namesake, Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill, was born in 1876 in northern New Jersey to a mother who was a Mohawk and a father who was a Quaker physician. Minoka-Hill earned her M.D. at the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1899, and moved to Wisconsin in 1905 with her husband Charles Hill, a farmer. For decades she operated a “kitchen clinic” at her house, providing care for Oneida on the reservation. In 1947 she was adopted by the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. They gave her the name Yo-da-gent, meaning “she who serves.” Minoka-Hill spent her life tending to the needs of the poor and underserved in her Wisconsin community.

The Minoka-Hill School will serve students with a continuum of unique learning needs. At Minoka-Hill these students are provided additional supports to assist them in overcoming personal challenges with the goal of transitioning back to their neighborhood or choice school, and ultimately graduating college, career and community ready.

“The naming committee was very excited about its selection of Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill as the namesake for a school which will serve the district’s most unique learners,” said Executive Director of Special Education Services Claudia Hendrickson. “Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill was one of the first Native American women to become a medical doctor in the United States. Not only did she overcome personal challenges in her life, she is recognized for her achievements and the service she provided to underserved communities.”

The District is also pleased to announce that the Minoka-Hill will be a Thrive School. This partnership with Bellin Health is an important element of the District’s efforts to educate the whole child, with a focus on wellness educational opportunities for students, families and community.

Minoka-Hill will open its doors for the 2014-15 school year on September 2, 2014. Relocation of programs to the school is expected to be completed by September 2015. When completed the school will provide a wide-range of supports for students with emotional/health, attendance and behavioral issues to address root causes enabling students to transition back to their regular school setting and be successful.

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