District DECA Students Compete in State Competition; Advance to Nationals in May

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On March 18-20, teams from three Green Bay Area Public School District high schools competed with other schools across Wisconsin at the DECA state competition in Lake Geneva, WI. DECA is a business and marketing club that allows students to compete in teams of one or two as they present solutions to business and marketing issues. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. The results from the state competition are as follows. An asterisk (*) denotes the students that have qualified to compete in the national competition in their respective events on May 3-6 in Atlanta, GA:

Preble High School
Kassidy Koch & Blake Schweiner – 1st place, Hospitality Services*
Nick Olsen – 1st place, Restaurant & Food Marketing*
Tom Brennan & Ellie Brennan – 1st place, Public Relations Project*
Brandl Bonetti – 3rd place, Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan*
Tom Brennan – 4th place, Human Resources Management*
Sheridan Michaud & Sydney Onesti – 4th place, Fashion Merchandising Project*
Sydney Onesti – 5th place, Food Marketing*
Luis Franco – 5th place, Business Services Marketing*
Brennan Dougherty & Joe Walters – 6th place, Buying & Merchandising*

Two Preble DECA members were also named state officers. Riley VandenPlas was named vice president of community service, and Tom Brennan was named vice president of chapter development.

West High School
Jacob Jones – 3rd place, Restaurant and Food Service Management*
Robbie Jaklin & Ryan Leisgang – 5th place, International Business*
Kaitlyn Huff, Michael Yeager & Jennie Hanson – Gold Certified School Based Enterprise*

Southwest High School
Elizabeth Conard – 1st place, Economics Exam; 6th place, Marketing Management*
Sam Humphrey & Mitchell Reed – 3rd place, Entrepreneurship Promotion Plan*
Mitch McMahon – 4th place, Sports & Entertainment Marketing*
o McMahon was also elected to serve Wisconsin DECA as state president for the upcoming year.
Andrew Nickel – 6th place, Principles of Marketing*
Emily Haines – 6th place, Human Resources Management*
Kabir Bedi & Syon Verma – Top 10, Financial Services
Andrew Stieber – Double Medalist, Apparel & Accessories
Trisha Hanold & Katie Folsom – Medalist, Marketing Communications
Megan Ludolph – Medalist, Retail Merchandising
Savannah Kuehn – Medalist, Hotel & Lodging

At the state competition, Southwest DECA also earned a variety of chapter awards, including: MDA Award, Gold Chapter Award, Acts of Kindness Award, and the Thrive Campaign Award.

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