Green Bay Area Public School District & Police Department Host Joint Press Conference February 10

Press ConferenceIn an effort to update the public regarding events at Preble High School last week, the Green Bay Area Public School District and Police Department held a joint press conference on February 10. Speakers included: Officer Todd Le Pine, Green Bay Area Public School District Superintendent Dr. Michelle Langenfeld, and Executive Director of Pupil Services Barbara Dorff.

Currently, the district is working closely with the Police Department regarding its ongoing investigation into events at Preble last week. Preble parents received two robo calls on Friday to communicate about a fight that occurred at the end of the school day on Thursday, as well as the reasons behind the staggered release Friday afternoon.

District and police resource officers were busy on Friday monitoring the situation and working to keep all students safe. Over the weekend, Preble’s principal was able to send parents a more detailed communication regarding the week’s events. In addition, the police department was able to turn its attention to the investigation.

Today at the press conference, the police department shared that while the investigation is ongoing, it appears that there is some gang ties to the incidents last week.

Dr. Langenfeld thanked administrators and staff members for their efforts last week and over the weekend, and to the police department for their support and guidance. Langenfeld also expressed that aggressive student behavior will not be tolerated at any of Green Bay’s schools. Discipline for students who take part in aggressive behaviors that promote activities that threaten the safety and well-being of persons or property on school premises can lead to possible expulsion.

Over the weekend events at Preble were well attended and without any incidents. In addition, student attendance remains unchanged, which enables student learning to continue uninterrupted.

Dr. Langenfeld shared that the district will continue precautionary measures including an increased police presence, monitoring on a day-to-day basis, as student safety is our highest priority.

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