2013 FRCC All-Conference Teams

Congratulations to the following student athletes for being named to the 2013 FRCC All-Conference teams in their respective fall sports. We are so proud of all of our athletes and their accomplishments!

*Cross Country*

Girls – 1st team: Emily McCoy (East), Emma Malooly (East)

Girls – 2nd team: Arile Malvitz (East), Morgan Jindra (Preble)

Girls – Honorable Mention: Erinn Olmsted (East)

Runner of the Year: Daniel LaLuzerne (Preble)

Boys – 1st team: Daniel LaLuzerne (Preble), Nick Petersen (Preble), Nick Freitag (Preble)

Boys – 2nd team: Bennett Krueger (Preble), Eduardo Navarro (East), Daniel Massey (Preble)

Boys- Honorable Mention: Fransisco Carranza (East), Brody Bialkowski (Preble)


1st Team-Offense: Max Scharping (Southwest), Joel Cline (Southwest)

2nd Team-Offense: Mitch McMahon (Southwest), Kevin Cropsey (East)

1st Team-Defense: Max Berken (Southwest), Ben Kornowski (Preble), Will Daniels (Preble)

2nd Team-Defense: Montrel Edwards (Southwest), Riley Vandenplas (Preble), Deion Denny (Southwest), Nick Czyz (Southwest), Logan Brice (East)

Honorable Mention-Offense: Will Daniels (Preble), Chase Martell (Southwest), Jake Gorzek (Southwest), Brandon Collins (Preble)

Honorable Mention-Defense: Eric Edelman (Preble), Jake Gorzek (Southwest), Seth Holshuer (West), Mitchell Erickson (West)

*Girls Golf*

1st Team: Maddy Neumeier (Preble)

Honorable Mention: Meghan Lange (Southwest)

*Boys Soccer*

Player of the Year: Evan Garcia (Preble)

Defensive Player of the Year: Ian Lofdahl (Preble)

1st Team: Andrew Knoebel (Preble), Miguel Vergara-Haro (East), Evan Garcia (Preble), Emmanuel Sanchez (East), Ian Lofdahl (Preble), Jason Tauschek (Preble)

2nd Team: Devon Gilliam (Southwest), John Swanson (Preble)

Honorable Mention: Mack Dedmon (Southwest), Leobardo Villa (East), Tom Brennan (Preble), Dustin Mellberg (East), Peter Dylan Griggs (West)

*Girls Tennis*

Doubles Team of the Year: Samantha Pederson & Justine Daane (Southwest)

Coach of the Year: Randy Nelson (Southwest)

1st Team: Valentina Gisbert (East), Anneliese Zak (Southwest), Julia Daane (Southwest), doubles team Samantha Pederson & Justine Daane (Southwest), doubles team Lauren Vivian & Lauren Genske (Southwest), doubles team Natasha Heideman & Angie Ciano (Southwest)

2nd Team: Kathryn Mason (Southwest)

*Girls Volleyball*

1st Team: Jamee Schleis (East), Lydia Froistad (Southwest)

2nd Team: Sarah Heesacker (Preble), Antonia Shanle (Preble)

Honorable Mention: Alexis Krenke (Preble), Katie Rolefson (Southwest)

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