Green Bay Area Public School District Statement on Brown County Sheriff Department Investigation

The safety of our students in the Green Bay Area Public School District is our highest priority. We are dismayed to learn that a staff person assigned to Keller and Wilder Elementary and an individual who works for a bus company the district contracts with were arrested this weekend for the charges as alleged by the Brown County Sheriff’s Department. This staff person has been put on administrative leave while authorities are conducting the investigation and the legal process plays out. The bus driver, who transports children from Keller Elementary and Lombardi Middle School, has been removed from the route. The district works closely with law enforcement and we will continue to cooperate throughout the investigation.

Principals at the employee’s current and former schools are sending a message to parents. The principals at Lombardi Middle School and Keller Elementary are notifying parents of the children who ride bus 853. If families have any concerns, they should contact their principal so any concerns can be immediately addressed. Because this is a personnel and police matter, we are unable to comment further.

This is an important education for all. With all the safeguards the district has in place – including background checks for all new employees and volunteers, as well as rigorous policy and procedure to protect our students – we value the importance of partnering with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies. This also stresses the importance of parents closely monitoring their children’s online activities. Student safety is our number one priority.

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