District High School Students Earn 16 Gold Medals at State Forensics Competition

On Saturday, April 20, students from each of the four Green Bay Area Public School District high schools traveled to Madison for the state forensics competition. After a very successful competition, with many students achieving a gold medal with a perfect score of 25, the results are as follows:

East High School
Brennan Christianson – Gold Medal
Kurtis Casperson – Gold Medal
Eduardo Navarro – Gold Medal
Evan Ash – Gold Medal
Adriana Montejano – Gold Medal
Justin Bachtell – Gold Medal
Joyana Pacheco, Kea Garza-Guelker, Mai Lee, and Victoria Saldana – Gold Medal for Group Interpretation
Yaraset Torres – Silver Medal
Sophia Laabs, Samantha McClung, and Shelby Loock – Silver Medal for Group Interpretation

Preble High School
Brii Mathis – Gold Medal
Nathaniel Lapp – Gold Medal
Riley Burger – Gold Medal
Maggie Lamal – Gold Medal
Alexis Tilot – Gold Medal
Max Papadopoulos – Gold Medal
Priyanka Navani – Silver Medal
Anja Marshall – Silver Medal
Amelie Eiding – Silver Medal
Christopher Thomas – Silver Medal
Makayla Stitz – Silver Medal

Southwest High School
Lindsay VanMieghem – Gold Medal
Gwen Dahlin – Gold Medal
Angela Ciano – Silver Medal
Erin Wegener, Mariah Ackermann, Morgan Ackermann, and Brenna Witek – Silver Medal for Group Interpretive Reading
Kaisa Davison – Bronze Medal

West High School
Shaina Dodson, Olivia Upstone, Maison Estano, and Hannah Malmberg – Gold Medal for Group Interpretation
Sonya Loberger – Silver Medal
Miranda Socha – Silver Medal
Kayla Hall – Silver Medal
Taylor King – Silver Medal
Panhia Thao – Silver Medal
Laura Snyder – Silver Medal
Rachel Whitrock – Silver Medal

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