Washington Middle School Announces New Mascot and Logo

WMSLogo2Clr_Blk_PMS1797After receiving input from community members, staff, parents, alumni and students, Washington Middle School is proud to announce their new mascot name and logo: the Washington Middle School Heat! The campaign to change Washington’s school colors and logo began when it was announced that in the 2014-15 school year, Washington Middle School will align with East High School’s current fine arts curriculum.

The new color scheme will support the relationship between the two schools, while still allowing Washington to have its own identity. To create the logo, Washington art teachers Cathy Lindsley and Joseph Backmann took input and logo designs from students, and created a draft logo that was sent to BarkinSpider Studio to be formalized. Students involved in the design process include: Greta Schwiesow, Abby Heil, Lisa Kong, Wilfred Callahan, Sonia Koehler, Zyliah Schuler and Erick Carranza.

Four community members and alumni of the Washington Junior High class of 1947 also met with Assistant Principal Travis Lipsh over spring break to share photos, memorabilia, and help paint a picture of Washington’s school history. This group included Richard Flint, Bill Magaurn, Eugene Mead and Dick Hawley.

    • Judy Dahlgard
    • May 2nd, 2013

    Can’t open to see mascot and logo.

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