East High School’s Kurtis Casperson Named Wisconsin Academic Decathlon Top Scholar

Casperson, KurtisFor the second year in a row, a Wisconsin Academic Decathlon “top scholar” has emerged from East High School. This year, senior Kurtis Casperson was named a top scholar in the essay portion of the regional academic decathlon competition that was held on January 11 at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. To receive this honor, Casperson had to achieve the highest essay score regardless of grade level out of 500 competitors from all the regional competitions throughout the state. Casperson will receive an award at the state competition in March, and is eligible for scholarships from certain schools in Wisconsin.

The academic decathlon competition takes students from all high school academic levels, and breaks them into grade categories. Participants take six multiple choice tests in math, language and literature, economics, science/social science, music and art. During the regional competition, decathletes also had to write an essay, prepare a speech, present an impromptu speech, and participate in a formal interview. On January 11, Casperson and his competitors were given 50 minutes to write an essay based on a prompt from the 1957 novel Doctor Zhivago. Last year East High School’s top scholar was Evan Ash, who received the honor in the interview category.

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