Rumor Alert: Friday, December 21, 2012


We want to assure you that school safety is our top priority and your child is safe and in good hands.
We recently became aware of rumors regarding school safety. These rumors were found on social media sites. In light of recent events, these types of rumors are happening across the country. This week, the Green Bay Police Department investigated multiple rumors and could not substantiate any of them. However, a recent rumor late Thursday evening was traced back to a district student. This individual was taken into police custody early this morning. The investigating officers developed information that led them to believe that they had the source of the threat and that this threat was not credible. Charges are being sought against this student as well as disciplinary measures by the school district up to and including expulsion. Due to the age of the student, we cannot release specific information.

If you hear information regarding school safety or have concerns, you are encouraged to call the school or law enforcement. We take all information seriously and will always conduct an investigation with law enforcement. Those individuals found responsible will be held accountable with appropriate criminal charges and serious school disciplinary measures up to and including expulsion.

It should be noted that parents typically are not contacted during every investigation. In doing so, we would be instilling unnecessary uneasiness and disruption. However, when information that impacts student safety is substantiated, we will communicate with parents and our public.

Thank you and please call your principal should you have additional questions or concerns.

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