Southwest High School Student Approaches 500th Hour in Youth Apprenticeship Program

Last year, the Green Bay Area Public School District partnered with the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District (GBMSD), the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) to “pilot” the first Water & Waste Water Management Youth Apprenticeship Program.  The program has been piloted not only in Green Bay, but also on behalf of the state of Wisconsin.  The pilot was initiated with Southwest High School, and there are currently two students in the program. 

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One of the students, Southwest junior Brandon Burton, has been working at the GBMSD since July 23, 2012. The Youth Apprenticeship Program is proud to announce that Brandon is quickly approaching his 500th hour on the job. The average student usually works 450 hours over the course of a year (September – June 1), and Brandon has far exceeded the hours typically completed by students in the program…in just four months!

Students in the youth apprenticeship program take a course each semester at NWTC and earn dual credit (credit that is applied to both Southwest High School and NWTC). The students also earn credit for their work experience, and are paid for their work-based learning time.

Recently, Brandon applied the training he received at NWTC to solve an “on the job” issue at GBMSD. Brandon was tasked with doing a routine clean of the “dissolved oxygen analyzer,” when the cleaning brush got stuck in the piping. “I’d just learned how to create a vacuum,” Brandon said. “And I wondered if it would work in this case.” It did! Brandon’s newly gained knowledge and quick thinking prevented a work order from having to be filled out, which would have cost his employer time and money.

On Nov. 27, Brandon was honored at a press conference at the GBMSD. Congratulations to Brandon for his impressive accomplishments and commitment to the Youth Apprenticeship Program. This unique partnership demonstrates that education and business can be great partners in fostering a thriving workforce of tomorrow!

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