Cellcom Donates 10 Motorola Xoom Tablets to the Mobile App Design & Development Courses within the Green Bay Area Public School District

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Although many high school students could tell you that mobile applications are something they use regularly, unless they’re enrolled in the Mobile App Design & Development course at Southwest or Preble High Schools, they may not be able to tell you how to make one. New for the 2012-13 school year, the project-based app development course for grades 10-12 engages students as they learn to produce mobile applications used in smart phones, tablets and other personal electronics. To assist the program, Cellcom donated 10 Motorola Xoom™ tablets to students on October 25 to be split between Southwest and Preble High School.

The Green Bay Area Public School District is the only district in the area to offer a course as unique as Mobile App Design & Development. Students enrolled in the course use software to design, illustrate and edit graphics that are used in the production of effective and practical mobile applications. The course’s purpose is to provide students with the development skills needed for producing apps as the demand for these technology products is increasing rapidly. Next semester, the course will expand from Southwest and Preble, and be offered at East and West High Schools as well.

Future plans for the Mobile App Design & Development course include making connections with technical colleges to further prepare students to graduate college, career and community ready.

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