Calling all Green Bay alumni! Help update the alumni databases for the four high schools


We need your help! We are working with Harris Connect to update the alumni databases for Green Bay East, West, Preble and Southwest high schools. We use these databases to help alumni organize class reunions, and share special events, such as dedications, distinguished alumni programs, anniversaries, etc.  We are trying to collect the most current information on all graduates so we can have the most up-to-date directory, since the last time we did this project was in 2002. You may have received a postcard (postmarked from Chesapeake, Virginia) or an e-mail with this request.

Don’t miss out! Call the following toll-free numbers to update your contact information today!

  • Green Bay East High School: (800) 237-0894
  • Green Bay Preble High School: (866) 291-5096
  • Green Bay Southwest High School: (866) 497-9569
  • Green Bay West High School: (800) 338-7815

This list will not be sold for any purposes; click here for the company’s privacy policy. If you have questions, contact Amanda Brooker, manager of school & community relations at (920) 448-2025 or

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