Green Bay Area Public School District Teachers & Students Participate in the 10th Annual Butterflies & Friends on Parade Auction

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For 10 years, the Einstein Project’s Butterflies & Friends on Parade live auction has raised money to support Einstein Project programs and local students. This year, a few of the art pieces in the auction were created by Green Bay Area Public School District teachers and students. We are lucky to have such talented and creative people!

Bear Fan a.k.a Barron Rodgers – Created by lifelong Packers fans Jon & Annie Larsen, this bear is tailgating in his MVP attire which is in season all year long. Annie is an IB art teacher at West High School.

Tonbo – Another creation made by Jon & Annie Larsen, this dragonfly was given the name “Tonbo,” which means dragonfly in Japanese culture. Tonbo’s body is raku, which is a type of Japanese pottery.

Checks Mix – Created by East High School teacher Lisa Mannenbach, this rabbit was done as a combination of Analytic Cubism and Op Art styles. This is Lisa’s second creation for the Einstein Project.

Mehndi Nature – Created by Green Bay Preble senior Erin Whitney, this painted pelican has a natural feel with organic colors and many symbols and designs. Erin loves her art classes, and hopes to find a career in art that will expand her creativity. This is Erin’s second year participating in the Butterflies & Friends on Parade.

Paisley – Created by the Green Bay East High School Art Club, this fish flaunts a black paisley pattern painted over a cream background.

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