Smart Cow Yogurt Bar Fundraiser to benefit Jack Washington Wonderful World Fund

Looking for a sweet treat to beat the summer heat? Why not support your community at the same time? Stop by Smart Cow Yogurt Bar on Tuesday, August 14 & 28 and part of the day’s sales will be donated to Jack Washington Wonderful World Fund.

Smart Cow Yogurt Bar is dedicated to serving great-tasting, build-your-own frozen yogurt with dozens of toppings. They are also dedicated to giving back to local schools and making sure kids can get the education they deserve. Each Smart Cow shop regularly donates part of a day’s sales to a local school or school program. Check out or go to for more information.

The Jack Washington Wonderful World Fund was created To help homeless and indigent youth (ages K-12) in a variety of education related needs by providing resources for hope, opportunity and success. Jack Washington was an administrator at Washington Middle School, Southwest High School and East High School, where he became keenly aware of the many unmet day-to-day needs of hundreds of our own community’s children. Shortly before his untimely death in November, 2003, Jack began working on creating a fundraising campaign to increase the money available to help homeless and indigent children. Jack’s beautiful, simple idea was to ask every employee of the Green Bay School District to donate $1 each year. If most employees responded, the donations would quadruple the dollars available to help provide necessities for homeless and indigent children. For more information go to,

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