Danz Elementary Custodian Achieves Dream of U.S. Citizenship

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This week, Jorge Ruiz headed to his job as a custodian at Danz Elementary like he has every day for the past few years. This morning however, Ruiz had a bit more spring in his step. After 12 years of living in the United States, Brazil-born Ruiz finally received his U.S. citizenship on Thursday, July 26 in Milwaukee. On Friday, July 27, staff, friends and family members gathered at Danz to celebrate Ruiz’s journey to becoming an American citizen.

Married with three children, Ruiz had been working towards his citizenship for 10 years. “Ever since I decided to make the U.S. my home and start my family, I have wanted to be a real citizen and vote,” said Ruiz. “It feels really good to have achieved this big accomplishment…it feels like I have a big weight off my shoulders.”

After officially becoming a citizen, Ruiz plans to take his wife and children to visit his home country of Brazil. “My kids are proud of me, and everyone is pretty excited,” said Ruiz. “And that feels really good.”

Congratulations Jorge, you have made Danz Elementary and the Green Bay Area Public School District very proud!

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