High School Students Receive NWTC Scholarships at Tech Challenge Event

At the end of April, anatomy and physiology students from all four Green Bay Area Public School District high schools competed in the Tech Challenge at NWTC. The event consisted of both live competition and display competition, and students competed in various categories including business and computers, health sciences, mathematics, trades and engineering, and many more.

Students in grades 9 – 12 were eligible to participate, and scholarships to NWTC were awarded to the top competitors that exhibited the best application of skill and knowledge in their respective event, called the “Star First” award. Gold, silver and bronze medals were also awarded to participants.

The award recipients for each school in their respective categories are as follows:

  • Star First – Preble
    • Anatomy Test: Briana Edwards, Anna Rowe
    • Research Display: Kate Young
  • Star First – Southwest
    • Anatomy Test: Michelle Hendricks
    • Research Display: Jess Charlier
  • Star First – West
    • Anatomy Test: Jackie Caelwarts, Hannah Chouinard
    • Research Display: Hannah Chouinard
    • Technical Math: Drew Lichon
  • Star First – East
    • Anatomy Test: Payton Stewart
    • Research Display: Nicole Conrad, Bryelle Jauque


  • Gold – Preble
    • Anatomy Test: Jacey Georgia, Abby Kirchman, Alex Kirchner, Allie Loewe, Isaac Metzler, Luke Schaefer, Drew Schneider, Sam Schneider, Bridget Stiles, John Witschel, Kate Young
    • Research Display: Briana Edwards, Allie Loewe, Mariah Martin, Bridget Stiles
  • Gold – West
    • Anatomy Test: Drew Lichon
    • Research Display: Jackie Caelwarts, Katie Schaut
  • Gold – East
    • Anatomy Test: Tori Hoffman, Emily McClung, Sam Thompson
    • Research Display: Caitlin Green, Tori Hoffman, Sam Thompson


  • Silver – Preble
    • Anatomy Test: PaNhia Lee, Mariah Martin, Brittany Navin, Drew Otto
    • Research Display: Luke Schaefer, Mariah Schaut
  • Silver – Southwest
    • Anatomy Test: Jess Charlier, Katie Engels, Nonglee Moua, Isabella Sipes
    • Research Display: Michelle Hendricks
  • Silver – East
    • Anatomy Test: Nicole Conrad, Caitlin Green, Sarah Hammen, Bryelle Jauquet, Maggie Jones, Tina Vang


  • Bronze – Preble
    • Anatomy Test: Mariah Schaut
    • Research Display: Alex Kirchner, Drew Otto, Anna Rowe, John Witschel
  • Bronze – Southwest
    • Anatomy Test and Research Display: Jordan Jones
  • Bronze – West
    • Anatomy Test: Katie Schaut
  • Bronze – East
    • Anatomy Test: Kyrsten Burroughs, Hannah Collier, Cecelia Grave
    • Research Display: Payton Stewart, Tina Vang
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