Local Preble High School Students Earn Top Prize at the DECA International Conference in Salt Lake City


The Distributive Education Clubs of America group (DECA) recently held their annual International Conference in Salt Lake City in May. Preble High School seniors Brock Schweiner and Allie Loewe finished first place in the Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Research category, and Southwest High School sophomores Savannah Kuehn and Destiny Kamkar finished in the final round (top 20 internationally) for their fashion merchandising promotion plan. Preble High School was the only Wisconsin school to place first in any event this year, and only four other Wisconsin schools placed second or third in any other event.

DECA is a business and marketing club that involves students competing in teams of one or two as they present solutions to business and marketing problems. Students also compete by taking exams on specific business topics. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. In total, 13,000 students from around the country and Canada participated in 48 events.

This year, Preble had 10 students make it to the final competition in Salt Lake City, and Southwest had 11. To win the top prize, Schweiner and Loewe competed in their category against 270 other students. The pair chose to research a loyalty program for customers of Green Bay’s Los Banditos restaurant. After coming up with marketing ideas, writing a 30 page paper, and developing an oral presentation with visual aids, the team was rewarded for their hard work with a first place honor.

Southwest students Kuehn and Kamkar made it to the final round of the competition for their 11-page promotional plan for Sweetpea’s clothing boutique in De Pere. Their fashion merchandising plan was a four week campaign entitled “Sweet Holidays at Sweetpea’s.”

In the past 15 years, Preble has had two firsts, two seconds and one third place national winner.

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