Congratulations to our Golden Apple Teachers of Distinction!

Congratulations to the following district teachers who have been selected as 2012 Teachers of Distinction in the first round of the Golden Apple Awards selection process! They were selected based on their commitment to all students, active involvement of students in relevant learning opportunities, and their creation of learning environments that stimulate student interest in learning as described in their applications.

These teachers will move on to the next level of the selection process and will be guests of the Partners in Education at the Golden Apple Awards Dinner Program on April 18.

  • Nancie Brennan – Edison Middle School
  • Lawrence DeCleene – Doty Elementary School
  • Ned Dorff – Franklin Middle School
  • Jessica Dresser – Webster Elementary
  • Melissa Heffernan – Nicolet Elementary
  • Katie Hoss – Lincoln Elementary
  • Melody Iattoni – King Elementary
  • JoAnna Kloster – Baird Elementary
  • Rebecca Rego – Franklin Middle School
  • Brandon Rockstroh – Southwest High School
  • Kevin VanEss – Washington Middle School

We’re proud not only of these teachers, but all of our hard working staff who ensure all children can learn.

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