Legislators Need to Keep their Promise and Pass AB 314

Last night the Board of Education met to sign letters to get local representatives and Governor Walker to close the budget loophole that would bring vouchers to Green Bay without public discussion. Last week we posted a blog when Senator Ellis was videotaped in a Madison bar making a statement about vouchers, referencing Preble High School and calling it a sewer. This legislation he was talking about is known as AB 314. Last June 16th, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the legislation was unintentional and politicians, including Governor Walker, would make efforts fix the loophole.
The loophole has been set so that if districts meet four arbitrary criteria (set to get vouchers into Racine), vouchers would be brought to their district. If AB 314 does not pass and the district ends up meeting the four criteria, the community as a whole will have no say whether Green Bay should have vouchers are not. The district and Board of Education feel that once the loophole is closed, then we can bring public discussion on whether taxpayer dollars should be used to pay for private education without accountability.
Right now, the assembly is sitting on the bill. If it’s not voted on, the loophole won’t close.
We feel it’s important that our politicians practice good government – by the people for the people. If you feel this is important, contact the following representatives now otherwise the bill will sit and the community will not have a voice.  Rep. Steineke has pledged his support and to move the bill forward – contact him to see how you can help.
Representative Garey Bies – Rep.Bies@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Jim Steineke – Rep.Steineke@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative John Klenke – Rep.Klenke@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Karl Van Roy – Rep.VanRoy@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Andre Jacque – Rep.Jacque@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Chad Weininger – Rep.Weininger@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative John Nygren – Rep.Nygren@legis.wisconsin.gov  
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