Preble is NOT a Sewer

On January 26, 2012, Preble High School parents and students found out that during political discussion around private school vouchers and Assembly Bill 314, their school was called a “sewer.” Green Bay Preble parents and students rallied during a press conference. This diverse group of students score above state and national averages on the ACT, Advanced Placement Exams, and the state WKCE exams.

We believe all children, regardless of family income, receive an excellent education in the Green Bay Area public schools. Poverty is not a crime, and using private school vouchers as the answer to poverty will likely serve to isolate and divide our community.  Important financial resources would be diverted and the schools would be splintered.

The last state budget included a provision to expand publicly funded vouchers to pay for private schooling of students in second class cities.  Vouchers will be permitted when such cities meet four criteria.  Green Bay currently meets three of the four criteria.  In response to this budget provision, Assembly Bill 314 was proposed to remove Green Bay and any school district located partially or totally within a second class or other city from consideration, barring specific future action by the Legislature. This bill is currently stuck in the Assembly. Your action is needed now to encourage a vote on this bill. Please contact your Assembly Representative regarding Assembly Bill 314.  If it passes, Green Bay public schools will be protected from the existing voucher provisions in the budget.  If the bill does not pass, Green Bay Area schools will be subject to school vouchers when the fourth criteria is met.

  1. What is the fourth criteria?

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