John Dewey Academy of Learning Open House November 17

The district’s first charter school will be holding an open house this week. Mystery has surrounded the “Learning by Doing” concept, and families can have a first-hand experience at the new school.  The community can visit on Thursday, November 17, 2011 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at John Dewey Academy open house, located at 1420 Harvey Street. Parking is available at St. Peter and Paul church on University Avenue.

The John Dewey Academy of Learning (JDAL) provides students with the opportunity to thrive in collaborative, interdisciplinary, technology-rich learning environments through project-based activities. The JDAL serves students from eighth to twelfth grade within the Green Bay Public School District. The profile of JDAL students:

  • Are in grades 8-12
  • Are interested in project-based learning
  • Want to become independent, self-directed learners
  • Have chosen JDAL
  • Would benefit from a smaller, personalized learning community
  • Have an area of passion that cannot be met in traditional school setting
  • Are open to a new model of learning
  • Have parent support
  • Are interested in using technology
  • Could be underachieving in current setting
  • Have a willingness to learn time management and independent work skills
  • Demonstrate appropriate maturity level to work with peers/adults
  • Demonstrate mismatch between ability and performance
  • Are interested in learning that replicates the real world
  • Want learning to be meaningful to them, their issues, their community

For more information, contact Matt Draheim, principal of JDAL and Beaumont Elementary, at 492-2690.

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