High Number of January Retirements will Bring in New Staff

The district has 70 staff, including teachers, counselors, social workers and administrators, retiring on January 20, 2012. We are committed to providing the least amount of disruption to students and families during this unprecedented teacher retirement/hiring and transition process and have developed a plan to hire highly qualified replacements. 

Under the provisions of the previous contract, mid-year retirements were an option. This year is unique due to the large number of teachers who have chosen to retire.  Many position vacancies have already been posted and we anticipate a robust candidate pool for most positions. There are positions that are always difficult to fill and will be even more challenging to fill at this time of year, speech and language therapist positions are typically hard to fill; however, the district recognizes its obligation to provide continuous services and is actively pursuing all options, including contracted services.

Impacted families will receive a letter from their principal in the next couple weeks explaining the hiring and transition process. The letter will also include a survey for families to provide feedback on the desired qualities of the replacement teacher. If you have any questions, please contact your building principal.

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