“Seeds for the Future” Fundraising Campaign at Preble

This year Preble High School, located at 2222 Deckner Avenue, built a new greenhouse for the agriscience and natural resources department. With the new green house in place, students will study floriculture, landscaping and the plant science business.

“Seeds for the Future” is a fundraiser put together by the students in agriscience classes to raise money for new planting beds and germinating benches for the green house. In past years recently retired agriscience teacher Mark Cieslewicz had students germinate plants for their annual plant sale on the old benches.  The old benches were made of wood, which harbor biotic and abiotic plant diseases causing abnormal or dysfunctional plant growth. The goal is to raise $5,000 for new metal benches; with any donation of $300 or more receiving a name plate on one of the benches. Other donations will be acknowledged on a permanent display in the greenhouse. All donations are tax deductible. Only cash and checks made payable to the Preble Agriscience Department can be accepted.

For more information and order form requests please contact Betty Krcma via email at bjkrcma@gbaps.org or by phone at (920)391-2400.

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