Middle School Students Make “Music for a Great City”

New Musical Arts Program Partners Green Bay 6th Graders with the GBSO

In collaboration with the Green Bay Symphony Orchestra (GBSO), Green Bay Area Public School sixth graders now have direct access to symphony musicians and classical music education. “Music for a Great City” is a new program that integrates music-based activities into the curriculum, plus visits from music director Donato Cabrera, GBSO administration and musicians to rehearse a bucket drumming performance with the students.

 Sixth graders in music programs will use five gallon buckets as drums for a concert performance during the April 14, 2012 Green Bay Symphony Orchestra concert at the Weidner Center. Bateria Mocidade, a Brazilian samba group, will accompany the bucket performers during the concert. The concerts are free to all sixth graders and sixth grade parents. The program also provides free bus transportation for the students and their families.

The curriculum will show how the study of music can prepare students for future success in life and learning. The program also aims to introduce students to the concert experience. Students enrolled in general music classes, beginning band, or orchestra at each of the five middle schools in the district participate in the two-week program. “Music for a Great City” breaks down economic, cultural and geographic barriers, allowing students to be involved while experiencing this art form.

The “Music for a Great City” programs goal is to provide all sixth-graders an opportunity to forge a life-long relationship with and appreciation for the music that is made right here in Green Bay,” says Donato Cabrera, GBSO music director.  

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