West HS International Baccalaureate students head to Ripon College to join other IB students for World Peace Day

Students from eight of the thirteen Wisconsin International Baccalaureate high schools will be kicking off the new school year at Ripon College to participate in the United Nation’s International Day of Peace on Wednesday, September 21, 2011. Students will converge in Ripon College’s Great Hall for a 10:00 a.m. keynote address from Ripon professor Joe Hatcher, small group activities to discuss global issues, and work with IB Diploma Programme students from other schools to develop projects to be implemented at their own school. The program ends at 1:30 p.m.

Students from the schools prioritized their top three areas of interest from the following topics: animal welfare, disaster response and relief, discrimination, education, environment, health and fitness, international human rights, poverty, or violence and bullying. Students will be placed in small groups with students from other schools to develop projects that can be implemented at their schools and collaborate with each other throughout the school year.

Participating schools include: Green Bay West High School, Bay Port High School, Notre Dame Academy, Green Lake High School, Rufus King High School (Milwaukee), Ronald Reagan High School (Milwaukee), and Case High School (Racine). Green Bay West High School has all 20 Diploma Programme students attending the activities.  The school has an additional 50 students taking International Baccalaureate classes for certificates and 119 students in the preparatory track.

The IB Diploma Programme is a demanding two-year curriculum that spans the junior and senior year of high school.  Students in the IB Diploma Programme and those taking individual IB courses experience a curriculum that emphasizes a global approach to education, stressing a depth of knowledge and connectedness of curricular areas.  The IB Diploma Programme is designed to create well-rounded students who are reflective, knowledgeable, and balanced in their academics, school, and community involvement.  In addition to completing courses and examinations in six subject areas, IB Diploma Programme students are also required to engage in creativity, action, service, individual research, and complete a theory of knowledge course.  Students who successfully complete the IB Diploma Programme or individual courses can also earn college credit.

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