Preble High School’s Sting Cancer Group Encourages Green Bay to Wear Yellow May 12

Cancer does not discriminate against any age group, gender, or race, and comes in all different forms. Preble High School students and faculty in the Sting Cancer group are taking action to gain awareness on the impact of cancer and what can be done to help support finding a cure. Sting Cancer is asking the community to “Sting It Forward” and get involved by sponsoring and supporting their “Wear Yellow Day” (WYD) at workplaces, organizations, and schools on Thursday, May 12. Sting Cancer is accepting any monetary donations, raffle and silent auction donated items, and is selling yellow t-shirts for $6.00 each. T-shirts may be ordered in bulk and will be delivered a week prior to the event; otherwise they will be available for pick up at Preble High School, 2222 Deckner Ave. All proceeds will be used to purchase gas cards and gift cards which will be distributed in weekly gift baskets to current cancer patients.

Sting Cancer began at Preble High School seven years ago when teacher Nick Nesvacil decided that he wanted to get students involved in promoting cancer awareness. Being a cancer survivor, Nesvacil emphasizes the importance of knowledge of the disease and how to help those battling it. The original group consisted of one advisor and about 14 students who would come and go. When students heard about a teacher at Preble who had been diagnosed with cancer, the number of students showing up to meetings reached 320. To grow awareness, the group decided to send out a “Sting It Forward” opportunity for other schools to get involved and make their own Sting Cancer groups. 

Sting Cancer has grown to be a part of 10 other schools: Bayport, Ashwaubenon, Pulaski, Denmark, McAuliffe Elementary School, Edison Middle School, Green Bay West, Notre Dame, De Pere, and Brillion. All 11 schools have Sting Cancer groups that will be participating in the Wear Yellow Day on May 12, 2011. All participating schools get togetherto attend an annual conference to determine their next call to action. For more information on the Sting Cancer groups, sponsoring or donating to the Wear Yellow Day, or purchasing t-shirts, contact Nick Nesvacil at

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