Jack Washington Wonderful World Fund is where a little can help a lot

It’s the most “wonderful” time of the year. You have a chance to help homeless children right here in our district. The Jack Washington Wonderful World fund operates under the premise that if everyone just gave $2 each, the power of many can do a lot to help the homeless and indigent children of Green Bay.   

Jack Washington was a former East High School associate principal who also worked at Southwest and Washington. His philosophy was, “If everyone gave a little bit, we could do a lot.” The support given by the community can make a huge impact in these children’s lives.  The fund provides numerous things for homeless children, such as test fees (i.e., ACT practice tests) to gym clothes.  Some proceeds have been used to pay for tickets to activities like dances and prom. And each year, a graduating student in need receives a college scholarship. These students deserve to have the same experience and opportunities in the district, and they can, with your help.  

Recent stats tell us that our homelessness count is up and the district has currently identified more than 680 children as homeless. We have a chance to make a small contribution that can make a huge difference in those children’s lives.   

Your donation can make a big impact – help make a difference! Mail checks to:

Jack Washington Wonderful World Fund
c/o The Great Green Bay Community Foundation
310 West Walnut Street
Green Bay, WI  54303 

You can also donate online through the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation. Please visit the website at www.wonderfulworldfund.com for more information.

    • Linda Hempel
    • February 24th, 2011

    This commentary pertains to giving back to the community. Approximately one year ago I acquired a home in Green Bay via inheritance. I am interested in giving back to the community that has meant so much to me and my brother. I am now a teacher in a Twin Cities suburb. I am aware of the challenges that face a new teacher especially as it pertains to home ownership. I am seeking advise on how to promote my idea of identifying a teacher seeking a home of their own. I am considering a rent to own or contract for deed. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. The home is on a quiet residential street in the Danz School neighborhood.

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