Early Release Scheduled for Post Super Bowl Monday

It’s exciting to live in a city where the NFL team goes to the Super Bowl; it’s even more so when you live in Green Bay! Because of the effect the Packers have on the community, many families are planning on welcoming the Packers back from their trip to the Super Bowl. Additionally, we have schools located close to the stadium that will be greatly affected by the parade route, traffic, and are in areas heavily used for parking around Lambeau Field. Here are our plans for next week.
Monday, February 7
The district will have a district-wide early release on Monday. Please send your children to school on that morning. Parents or guardians who wish to excuse their children from school Monday morning are to call it in as a family vacation absence. Lunch will be served only at elementary schools.
There will be no afternoon four-year-old kindergarten, early childhood, Head Start, or Chance for Change. After school programs are canceled. Elementary and middle school after school activities and scheduled competitions are canceled. High school practices will be held at the coach’s discretion, and any high school games will be held as scheduled.
School will be released on Monday as follows:
  • 11:00 a.m.: Franklin MS, Lombardi MS, Beaumont, Elmore, Fort Howard, Howe, Jackson, Jefferson, Alternative Instruction Program
  • 11:15 a.m.: Edison MS, Washington MS, Red Smith, Doty, Wilder
  • 11:30 a.m.: East HS, Preble HS, Southwest HS, West HS, Aldo Leopold, Eisenhower, Webster, Curry Lane, Early Learning Center 4K
  • 12:00 p.m.: Baird, Chappell, Danz, Keller, Kennedy, King, Langlade, Lincoln, MacArthur, Martin, McAuliffe, Nicolet, Sullivan, Tank, Wequiock, Early Learning Center 5K
Tuesday, February 8
Only in the event the Packers win, all schools are in session, except Beaumont and Jackson Elementary will have an 11:00 a.m. early release because of traffic. There would be no afternoon four-year-old kindergarten, early childhood, at these two schools. Jackson Elementary Head Start students will be bused to Keller Elementary for the afternoon. As traffic will most likely be already building up for the event, please talk to your children about safe street crossing.
If the Packers win, parents or guardians who wish to excuse their children early from school for the Tuesday afternoon celebration are to treat it as a family vacation absence. We recommend that all students attend school until they need to leave for the celebration or stay in school if they are not attending.
    • Sarah
    • February 3rd, 2011

    ummm….school district…your 2nd sentence has an issue.


    • I agree. Sorry – changes were made on the fly, proofing was careless on our part.

    • Concerned Parent
    • February 7th, 2011

    I would like the name and title of who made this decision and if it’s the same person who is advising parents to call their children in to miss a day of school because of a stupid lousy game. This is thoroughly and utterly disgusting and I need to know who is behind this so I can include it in my letter to the state department of public instruction and the state superintendent.

    We are only talking about a silly game here, it’s not like it’s the first moon landing.

    • Dear Parent,
      We understand this is an inconvenience to parents. This was a decision that involved a lot of discussion and had a lot of moving parts. A large portion of the district will be affected by the road closures, traffic, and parking for the parade. Additionally, the Lamers terminal used by the district is directly on the parade route where the roads will be closed. Yes, there are schools that are not affected, but we made the decision as a school district.

      • It was an administrative team decision, approved by the Board of Education. It was not a decision made by one person, but many, and it was not an easy decision to make. Parents were not encouraged to take their kids out of school, but if they were going to call them in, they could do so as a vacation day so secretaries could code the absence accurately.
        Our decision to release school early on Monday was based on the following:

        • Ensuring that our students arrived home safely. Many of our west side schools were going to be affected by the parade route as well as parking concerns near many of the schools near Lambeau Field, which was the end of the route.
        • Student attendance. We were concerned that many students were not going to attend school for a full day on Monday, which we know now has occurred.
        • Past history and uniqueness of the event. We did do something similar when the Packers won the Super Bowl in 1997. This is a unique experience for many of our families in the district.

        I want to ensure you that the education and safety of our students are our main concern. I also want to ensure you that we understand this inconvenienced many parents, as they had to find daycare. I hope this provides some insight to why we made the plans we did.

    • Concerned Parent
    • February 10th, 2011

    The board of education is not located in Madison, nor is it affiliated with the state superintendent’s office. I quote from the notice posted and printed from your website which I sent along with my letter to the state:

    “If the Packers win, parents or guardians who wish to excuse their children early from school for the Tuesday afternoon celebration are to treat it as a family vacation absence. We recommend that all students attend school until they need to leave for the celebration or stay in school if they are not attending.”

    So in the eyes of the Green Bay district and board, it is ok for a child to miss a day of education so they may attend a celebration. Where are the priorities and focus here? So following this line of thinking, no one in the community or board of education alike would have any problem with my child missing a day of school to stay home and celebrate my birthday? Much like the winning of a super bowl, my birthday is not a national holiday, nor are banks or the post office closed. So no one would have any problem with that scenario either then? People can argue it’s only one day what’s the big deal, but it’s not about a day or school, it’s about the underlying issue. It’s simply wrong for a school district to justify and find it acceptable to give students and staff an early release day because of a football game. This is the same school district and board of education that would hold meetings and form committees if a student or group of students tried to exercise some form religious freedom in their school or classroom. That would get the attention of everybody, as well as news coverage I’m sure, but not a single head turns over this issue, it’s just acceptable because we live in Green Bay. I am starting to see the focus and priorities of this district lie when a child who brings a holy book to school would be ridiculed, ostracized, and possibly even suspended, while an entire city can have the afternoon and excused the next day because of a sporting event.

    I think some time and effort should be spent in the next school board meeting examining this decision and figuring out what the district and boards priorities truly are.

    A concerned Parent,

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