Did you know district students can take online courses?

The Green Bay Area Public School District provides middle and high school students the opportunity to take online courses.  Student participation is coordinated by the district’s Alternative Education Program and provided through Northeast Wisconsin Online Network (NEWON).  Classes in numerous content areas are delivered through the Internet and students can access their courses from home or their home school.   All classes are taught by licensed teachers and students are provided with support from a Local Education Guide (LEG) from their home school.  Credit is issued for successful completion of each class. 

This school option is designed to address specific learning needs for students who are prepared to learn outside the conventional classroom.  Online learning provides:

  • access to courses not available at Green Bay high schools.
  • accelerated learning and enrichment for high achieving students.
  • approved coursework for non-traditional students and those with extenuating circumstances.
  • an opportunity for motivated, credit-deficient students to complete needed courses.

Enrollment in an online course may occur at any point in the school year.  Once registration is completed, students have five months to finish a NEWON course.

Students interested in taking online courses may get further information through the Alternative Education office or their home school guidance counselor. 

Questions? Contact the Alternative Education office at (920) 448-2232

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