Learning by Doing: The John Dewey Academy of Learning Charter School

The Green Bay Area Public School District is starting a charter school that will be unlike any educational program in the area.

The John Dewey Academy of Learning (JDAL) will offer an innovative choice for 8th-12th grade students in the Green Bay area. JDAL will provide students with the opportunity to thrive in collaborative, interdisciplinary, technology-rich learning environments. Students will engage with the world outside the classroom walls by delving into the exciting world of partnerships with local organizations and businesses. Students will also take ownership of their learning by creating authentic projects that focus on topics relevant to their lives.

JDAL ‘s curriculum will enable students to become motivated learners with effective 21st century skills such as: critical thinking, problem solving, communicating, collaborating, and using technology. The Academy will provide students with a rigorous, project-based curriculum and a safe, caring community in which to learn.

Learning will be:

  • Project-based
  • Individualized
  • Active
  • Involved in real-life tasks and challenges
  • Held to the same academic measures as other high schools


Call Tom Blankenheim, director of alternative programs at 448-2232 or e-mail tnblankenheim@gbaps.org .

    • Graham Dunbar
    • April 28th, 2011

    When will we know more about registration for this school? The location was supposed to be finalized in April. It would be nice for those anticipating attending JDA to be getting information on this. Before long it will be necessary to make other plans.

    • The Board needs to vote on the location (hopefully this month) and then the letters can go out.

    • youngadult
    • May 29th, 2011

    I would love to see this school. I hope it does well I will be sure to let people know about it in the community around me. 🙂 congradulations

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