East High School Institute for the Fine Arts: Music Education Amped Up

East High School Institute for the Fine Arts will innovate music education in the Green Bay area.

Several serious research studies have shown the positive impact the arts have on academic success. Creativity, imagination, and innovation are highly desired skills in many professional and technical career fields.

The Green Bay East High School Institute for the Fine Arts will be launched in the 2011-2012 school year. A three-year, progressive roll-out of this program will engage students in various areas of the fine arts; in 2011-2012, the first stage focuses on piano, strings, and choral music, with an emphasis on classical music.

Fine Arts Institute students will study under master teachers and artists, receive private instruction, develop an artistic portfolio, and earn academic credit for their private and independent study in the arts.

The student portfolio will include:

  • Schedule of lessons
  • Practice log
  • Programs from performances
  • DVD of performances to be judged by a select jury
  • List of works studied
  • Instructor assessments
  • Reflection narrative

 Students are required to take 16 lessons per semester from professionals in their field of music as part of the community apprenticeship. Full and partial scholarships from private donations will be available to students unable to afford the cost of lessons.

Student applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of a community artist, administrator, and teacher coordinator. If more students meet the requirements than space is available, a lottery will be used to determine student selection.

Questions? Call East High School at 448-2090 or e-mail principal Edward Dorff.

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