Class Registration for 2011-12 School Year Going on Now!

The approaching holidays has secondary students already thinking about the next school year. Middle and high school students are registering for classes for the 2011-2012 school year. What’s new for next year?  

West High School will be offering International Baccalaureate  classes to juniors (class of 2013) and seniors (class of 2012). This rigorous college prep course develops the critical thinking skills colleges look for in graduating seniors. Juniors from the class of 2013 can earn the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.  Other courses include: 
  • Advanced English Language Arts 7
  • Advanced English Language Arts 8
  • Online/virtual school courses
  • The John Dewey Academy of Learning, a new charter school to begin in 2011-12
  • Programs of Study to help students prepare for their post-secondary career interest(s).
    • Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
    • Manufacturing
    • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
    • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
  • Business Education
    •  Accounting 1 (full-year offering with opportunity for CEP credit; formerly Computerized Accounting 1 year-long course)
    • College Accounting (full-year offering)
  • Mathematics
    • College Mathematics (semester offering with opportunity for CEP credit)
    • Mathematics with Business Applications (semester offering)
    • Trigonometry (semester offering)
    • Mathematical Modeling (semester offering)
    • Visual Basic 1 (semester offering)
    • Visual Basic 2 (semester offering)
    • AP Computer Science in Java (year-long offering)
  • Music
    • Rockin’, Strummin’, Plunkin’ & Drummin’ 2 (new non-performance course offering)
  • World Language
    • AP Spanish Language (full-year offering)
  • Other
    • AVID 4 (expanded program to include fourth year for continuing AVID students)
Course books can be found online. We encourage parents to sit with their children and explore the many course options available in our middle and high schools.
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