Eisenhower Elementary Principal Wins $25,000!

Eisenhower Elementary School Principal Claudia Orr spent countless hours arranging an assembly for a visit by State Superintendent Tony Evers. She thought the visit was to showcase Eisenhower staff and students for their extremely successful efforts increasing student learning. Little did she know she was being honored for being one of the top 55 educators in the country!

Orr was thoroughly shocked and surprised when she found out she would receive $25,000 to spend as she likes, a trip to Los Angeles to attend the Milken Family Foundation black tie awards ceremony, and professional development and networking opportunities. She is the only educator in Wisconsin to receive the award this year and is the fourth Milken Award Winner in the district. Previous winners include: Marcy Levine, teacher at Doty Elementary School; retired East High School principal Terry Fondow; and Nicolet Elementary School Principal Tammy VanDyke.

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