Bellin Partnership Makes for Healthy Kids

Celebrities often go by only one name: Madonna, Bono, Elvis, Tyra, Cher. . . and Jared.

Yes, Jared from Subway stopped by Southwest High School today. Why? The district has a wellness partnership with Bellin Health. As part of that partnership, Chappell and Kennedy Elementary Schools were pilot programs for a school-wide wellness program. The goal of the program is for better eating, more activity, and healthier lifestyles for students, their families, and staff.  This means less obesity and the diseases tied in with being overweight.

Students and parents from Chappell and Kennedy took a day off from summer vacation for a lunch provided by Subway and a lesson in healthy habits. Bellin Health and Subway brought Jared in to share his story as a 400 pound college student, and how he lost weight – up to 250 pounds in one year. Jared will also be part of the Bellin Run festivities this weekend.

How effective is the Bellin wellness program? A Chappell teacher shared how she’s lost 30 pounds this school year. Better yet, several Kennedy and Chappell students will be running in the Bellin this weekend!

  1. June 12th, 2010
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